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IRONMAN Frankfurt

Secure one of the last remaining entries in to IRONMAN Frankfurt 2020!

You can secure your race entry in 3 easy steps:

Step 1. You pay Nirvana a non-refundable £200.00/€225.00 deposit, which secures and guarantees your start place in Frankfurt.

The deposit is an entry access fee, which guarantees your entry in to the race.

Included in your non-refundable deposit payment per entry slot is;

- a £50.00/€58.00 entry access fee is paid to secure, and guarantee your entry into the race;
- a £150.00/€169.00 credit towards an event accommodation booking with us (minimum 3 night stay). 

At anytime you can use your credit to book accommodation at one of our race hotels.  If you do not book accommodation through us, you will unfortunately forfeit your deposit.

Step 2. Nirvana will then send your details to IRONMAN, who will then email you within 7-10 working days with your unique registration link.

Step 3. Once you receive your registration link, you have 72 hours to pay the full entry cost of €675.75 + 8% Active fees directly to IRONMAN.

To pay your non-refundable deposit and secure your place on the start line, please complete the form below and press next.

There is no requirement to purchase accommodation as part of the entry process; however we can provide hotel options in Frankfurt suiting all budgets and standards (while benefiting from IRONMAN race entry cancellation insurance, early breakfast on race day and bikes permitted in guest rooms).

To secure your 2020 IRONMAN Frankfurt race entry:

We do have many event hotel options suiting all budgets and standards, whilst benefitting from IRONMAN race entry cancellation insurance, early breakfast on race day and bikes permitted in guest rooms.


- Do I have to book accommodation now? No, you can secure your race entry now and book accommodation at a later date.
- How much will my entry slot cost? Entry into 2019 IRONMAN Frankfurt is €660.25 + 8% booking fee.
- How much is the deposit? The deposit is £200/€225, this is non-refundable.
- What is included in the deposit? Your entry will be guaranteed; £150/€174 goes towards an accommodation booking through us.
- What about the remaining £50/€60? The £50/€58 is an entry fee to gain access to a sold out event.
- What happens if I book my own accommodation? Unfortunately you would forfeit your deposit.
- Is there a minimum stay? Yes, our accommodation options start with a 3 night minimum stay.
- How do I pay the deposit to secure my race entry? We accept all major credit cards, and also bank transfers in GBP, Euro & USD.
- How long does it take to receive my registration link? From payment, you will be emailed by IRONMAN within 7 - 10 working days.

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