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Overland Bike Transport

- Travelling to a European-based triathlon or IRONMAN event and looking for a stress-free bike delivery solution?
- Worried about trusting your bike with airline baggage handlers?
- Tired of having to disassemble/reassemble your bike before & after your event & risk affecting your personal bike measurements?

Overland Bike Transportation by Nirvana Europe offers quite simply the market-leading triathlon bike transportation service, leaving you free to concentrate on your event preparation. We can help you make the smooth transition between home and event with your bike!

Using a fleet of custom-designed, specially adapted vehicles, your fully assembled bike will be professionally racked during transportation at the front fork, frame and rear wheel, with your front wheel placed in a protective wheel bag. The design and concept of the vehicles are based on pro cycling teams’ methods of transporting bikes.


To recieve further information on our overland bike transportation service, please email