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Insurance is an essential element of any holiday and an active holiday or event requires additional elements of cover that not all traditional policies include. For that reason, Nirvana has established a partnership with event specialist insurer Yellow Jersey to ensure our customers have all eventualities covered.

There are four insurance options available from Nirvana and Yellow Jersey:

1. Race Entry Cancellation Insurance

In the event of you having to cancel your race entry due to unforeseen circumstances you will receive a full refund of the entry fee.

The race cancellation insurance provided by Yellow Jersey is a “group policy” that covers all our guests. You can opt-in to this group insurance when you book on-line, or by talking to one of our customer support team.

If you are booking an accommodation package with Nirvana for one of the following events your event entry insurance is complimentary:

- IRONMAN 70.3

Please note your accommodation and travel are not covered by this policy, see travel insurance if you require cover for these aspects of your trip.

Please click here for further details.

2. Bike Insurance

In addition to the race entry insurance we also offer a bike specific policy.

We developed this additional package with Yellow Jersey, as home insurance cover is likely to be inadequate when covering your equipment riding, racing or training worldwide.  Home insurance focuses mostly on theft, we know that your needs are much wider than that and a specialist bicycle insurance is a must have for any aspiring triathlete competing abroad.

This is a group policy so if you opt into the policy you will have cover against accidental damage and theft, up to £15,000, subject to your bike’s value for the length of your trip.

We have kept things very simple in terms of payment, as it is a group policy we simply charge a flat £50.00 to add you to our policy and it covers the entire length of the trip.

Please click here for further details.

3. Travel Insurance

For additional piece of mind and to cover your whole holiday, Yellow Jersey also offer a Travel Insurance policy that will cover:

As a Nirvana customer, you will be able to claim a 10% discount on Travel Insurance with Yellow Jersey. Click here for details.


For those who have more than one event planned there is the opportunity to purchase annual bike cover from Yellow Jersey. There are three Bicycle Insurance policies designed to cover whatever type of cycling you enjoy. For cyclists and triathletes riding and racing worldwide, their Ultimate Bicycle Insurance provides the most comprehensive level of cover.

The policy includes as standard:

As a Nirvana customer, you will be able to claim a 10% discount on Travel Insurance with Yellow Jersey. Click here for details. 


Your British Triathlon membership is often compulsory for taking part in a UK triathlon events and it will cover you whilst racing and training for public liability up to £15m. If you are simply commuting, riding purely for leisure or more importantly racing a non-sanctioned race outside the UK (such as Ironman) then you will need additional liability insurance, please ensure you have the correct cover.

British Triathlon membership also does not cover your bicycle or medical expenses even when you are racing as GB athlete abroad so should you or your bike be damaged during a race you will require appropriate cover.

If you require further information on insurance, please contact the Nirvana office; or 0191 2571750.

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